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Creating Icons for the PS2 Browser

Create an Icon
You can use any paint program that supports .bmp's
Open your paint program. Make an image of 128 x 128 in size.
Create anything you want ,then save as a .BMP somewhere you can find it. Maybe a folder named 'new icon'. You can close the Paint Program.

Convert BMP to an Icon using Bmp2Icon.
Open Bmp2Icon
Select the .bmp you just made by clicking the [..] button for 'Input bitmap file:'
Select where you want the .icn to go after its created, by clicking the [..] button for 'Output icon file:' give it a name, i keep mine same as the bmp.
Select the Icon type, then click the 'Convert' button.

A pop-up message will confirm conversion:

Click 'Exit', we are done with bmp2icon.

Next open PS2 Savebuilder, select 'New File'

Delete the my.icn, by right-clicking on it. Click the add button (or right-click) & select the new .icn you just made.

Double click on icon.sys.
Save Name:
Type in a name that you want to see displayed in the PS2 browser when you select the icon. There cant be any space between words if you use more than one, put a [ _ ] in if you do, otherwise only the first word will show. The second line will appear under the first if you want to say something else.
example: you have 2 folders with the same name, put a remark in line 2 to distinguish them apart.
Icon Files:
Type in the name of the .icn you added on all 3 lines. This is case sensitive, it must match the .icn file name.

 Click 'OK'. You should see the icon you made now

Double click icon.sys again and we can edit the background colors. Scroll down till you see "Background" in the menu.

Transparency: The range is 0 to 128, 0=transparent 128= full color as displayed in savebuilder. The more transparent, the more of the memory card's other icons will show thru. This background is only when you click 'X' on the folders icon from the browser.{ the copy,move,delete menu}
Colors :  Theres a color for each corner, the picture above show what color# goes with what corner.
Ambient Light: This is the main ligh that luminates the icon ( i like white so i can see my work) You should experiment with it for best results

Black can be useful as you can experiment with the additional lights. They can enhance your icon if you chose the right colors & strength. Hit 'OK' when finished.

Next we need to extract, so dont hit the save button, as we are not making a save!
Right-click on icon.sys, select 'Extract', put it in the folder you have the .icn file in.
Close savebuilder,  the .icn is already there so you dont need to extract it, as we didnt change it. Thats it!

Now all you need to do is get both files( .icn & icon.sys) in the folder on your MC.

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