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ExecFTP v0.69 Tutorial

ExecFTPs v0.69 is a standalone FTP-server running on PS2.  It supports access to memorycard and harddrive (not HDLoader/HDAdvance partitions ) for files like .elfs, .mp3, gamesaves, .dat, ...etc.
This FTP-server is compatible with many FTP-clients but its recommended to use FlashFXP (shareware). I used UltraFXP (freeware) for this tutorial.

PS2 set-up:
Create your exploit with the ExecFTP.elf & the CONFIG.DAT included. If you dont know how to exploit your MC, go learn first, then return.
First check the CONFIG.DAT, its set at [] ( PS2-ip  netmask  Gateway IP) These are the default settings, you must change these if yours is different .If you dont get this right, it wont work!  Look in your Network Connections, network status, for your settings.   Or use: [Start]>[Run]> type CMD or COMMAND.COM>hit [OK]>type ipconfig at prompt >hit[ enter]{all your network info is displayed}when done type exit & hit [enter]

ExecFTPs reads information from CONFIG.DAT, located in same folder as ExecFTPs.ELF or from:

After you have your exploit on the MC & you have launched ExecFTP, you will see this screen:
Success!  The PS2 is ready for FTPing

PC set-up
Launch your FTP Program (UltraFXP is used here) Create/open a new site, enter the correct info {{read the documentation for your FTP program}}
If you use ultrafxp: Name ( i put PS2)  Host is the ps2's IP, check in Anonymous, uncheck Passive. IP List is automatically set by the program. You decide the other settings as you wish. then 'Connect'.

A successful connection should look similar to mine

 Path to access memorycard in slot 1 is /mc/0/ , and /mc/1/ for memcard in slot 2.

Path to hdd root is /hdd/0/.


How to access harddrive-partitions:

- To handle files in Common Partitions (marked with + before name in ftp-client)
or System partition (marked with __ before name in ftp-client) on your hd you first
need to mount them to /pfs/0/.

+MOUNT Example (with Ctrl+R in FlashFXP): {{read the documentation for your FTP program}}

"SITE MNT /pfs/0/ hdd:+MYFS"

this row mounts the common partition on hd named "MYFS" to /pfs/0/ . After this just go to
/pfs/0/ and handle your files in that partition.

To prevent hdd corruption, you need to unmount when finished:
+UnMount Example:

"SITE UMNT /pfs/0/"

This command unmounts the previosly mounted partition.

Common Partition are created by tools like DMS HDD Tools, UlaunchELF, myPS2, etc

Note: HDLoader/HDAdvance-partitions(games) can NOT be mounted and accessed at this time,
use hdl_dump for this.

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