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A Guide to HD Loader Patching

This will show you how to use the HDL Patcher GUI v0.8b

First you need these:
Clean unpacked HDL elf
HDL Patcher GUI v0.8b
HDL Skins  (optional)

Create a folder and put all those into it to make it easier to find everything. Now open the hdl patcher gui.

HDL Files
1) Select the unpacked HDL.elf
2) mark the Unpacked HDL as Source File

Core Patches

[_] Stops HDLoader from seeking disc while loading to prevent V9 from
       freezing during the splash screen. USE THIS IF YOU'RE BOOTING FROM A

[_]  Enable V12/V13 PSTwo support for people using Automan's original
       discovery of connecting IDE hard disk drive into PSTwo or with the help
       of Team Xtender's HD Connect kit.

[_]  Stops the CDVD-drive motor if there's a disc in the tray while HDLoader
       is loading while using methods to boot involving a disc in the drive.

[_] Makes the HDLoader game list taller so more titles fit on screen.

[_]  Force HDLoaders interface into NTSC mode on PAL machines to get
       fullscreen image. (Requires NTSC capable TV!)

[_] Patches HDLoader to support 48bit LBA access to allow full use of  HDD's larger than 128GB

[_]  Updates HDLoader with new compatibility options:
       set date/timefixes (fix 1 is on by default, use fixes 2+3 together to remove the fixes)
       dual layer (disable = uses original mode 2)
       network adapter support (games should recognize the NA)
       UnAligned Buffer fix (Gradius V,Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories)
       fileopts fix (Shadow of the Colossus)
       Soul Calibur 2 / Suikoden V fix within HDLoader.

       Selected options (like the original modes) are per-game saved.

Compatability Patches
Most games dont require any specific mode enabled, so this is optional.
MDMA slows hdd access (close to DVD speed)
UDMA is a faster HDD access.

Enable UDMA/MDMA  Patch:
UDMA4 (66.6 mb/s) is the default setting for HDL if you dont do anything.
This option allows  you to select a different setting to be used by HDL

DMA transfermode selector
You can use the DMA transfermode selector to customize the button configuration for the DMA when HDL is started. Edit the DMA.ini
This is the default button layout for HDLoader's DMA-selector.

  • m0=up   (4.2 mb/s)
  • m1=triangle  (13.3 mb/s)
  • m2=left      (16.6 mb/s)
  • u0=right    (16.6 mb/s)
  • u1=square  (25.0 mb/s)
  • u2=circle   (33.3 mb/s)
  • u3=down   (44.4 mb/s)

Here you can enable a different lanuage (english is default)
Change the screen images by marking the ones you wish to change, then click the [ ...] to select the image.
If you are using a downloaded skin pack, mark the files that were included & select each file. Unchecked boxes will use the default hdl settings.

Other Patches
If you have children/friends that you dont want to change mode settings or delete/rename  games, then mark this .

GUI Options
This is changes the GUI  texts to the selected language

Apply the patches
If you plan to use this elf on your MC, the mark the box " Pack ELF File when finished".
If you are going to use it from USB, HDD, or CD/DVD then you dont need to mark this box.

Check over your selections, click the "preview images' button to see the splash & main screens (if you selected any)
then click the 'Apply Patches" button to patch the hdl.elf . Select a name for the hdl.elf
A popup will say "patching done", then if you chose to pack it, ps2packer will pack it.

Thats it, go launch it in your ps2 & check it out. Visit the forums if you need more help.

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