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How-to change SaveNames & Icons with PS2 SaveBuilder

Whenever you add a folder to your MC, it shows in the PS2 Browser as  'Corrupt Data', blue block. It can be frustrating to know which a real corrupt file or a folder you want. Lets change those blue blocks to an Icon, & change the "Corrupt Data" to a savename.

Want to make your own, try  Creating Icons Tutorial  Or you can download the Icon Pack, with pre-made icons.
 Open the Icon Pack with winrar and inside i have seperate folders with an icon.sys, a .bmp & a  .icn in each.
The folder labeled " folders" has a lot of bmp's & icn's with only 1 icon.sys, to be used with any .icn's in that folder. The bmp files are only to help you select one to use.( dont put them on the MC )
Select the one you want to use & copy the icon.sys & the .icn file to the folder on your MC, using the app you used to create the folder. Or you can make folders with PS2SaveBuilder & put them in a save file & use your Cheat CD to install them. PS2SavBuilder Tutorial can show you how.
I also put a simple savename (MyFolder) in each icon.sys. You may want to change the name as i have no idea what you would want it to say to remind you of what is in your folders. This tutorial will show you how to change icons & the savename .......

 Get PS2 SaveBuilder if you dont have it.
Open a new file:

Delete the 2 files shown by right-clicking on them & select delete:

Click the  button shown above to add the icon.sys file you want to edit:
{ you can also add the .icn just to see how it looks}

Now double-click on icon.sys:

Write whatever in Line 1 with no spaces. If you want 2 words, use an underline between them.
Use line 2 if you need to write more, but its not necessary. Make your changes & click OK.
Thats it, you are done. Now right-click on icon.sys  & extract  to the folder you got it from,  select yes to over-write the existing file.
Dont worry about the .icn file as its already saved.You can close SaveBuilder.

After its in the folder on the MC, go to the Browser & take a look:

My camera makes it look really bright, but it will look like the one in savebuilder

This wont work for the BxDATA-SYSTEM folder, since the ps2 will change it to a default icon each time to run the exploit
Note:Dont bother doing this if you use KeyLauncher, as the author wrote a script for keylauncher to always put its own icon.sys & kl.icn after every use, which also overwrites the default one made by the ps2.

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