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Running PlayStation BB Navigator

To fully portray the experience of BB NAVI, I have posted three video captures of BB NAVI in action.

I apologize for the bad quality. I shot each video with my Sony U-30 Digital Camera. It isn't ideal for capturing video since there isn't a mic for audio and low MPEG capabilities. Each .MOV is around 70KB so it should be a quick download for everyone and dial-up friendly.

Note: With a Japanese PS2, upon booting BBNAVI, you will be presented with numorous options and upgrades for your software and HDD content for download. Also, you can browse the internet with the BB Browser.

However, because we have - or at least I have - a US console, DNAS will not allow us to connect online. Thus, disabling the online features.

- This video shows the action from the beginning with the PlayStationBB splash.
- The first option in the main menu brings you to the PlayStationBB documentation.
- The second option brings you to the channel listings, which is the Japanese term for accessing each of the features.
- The four channels are: GAME, PHOTO, MOVIE and MUSIC.


- In this clip, I've demonstrated the games that are stored on my HDD. Under the GAMES channel, you can browse through your games and choose to play them, as well as edit settings, and delete games.
- If you're wondering, I have the following installed on my HDD: Final Fantasy X International, SOCOM II, Guitar Freaks 4th mix, and Star Ocean 3.
- Apparently, only Star Ocean 3 installs a splash image. Which is displayed as you scroll through it.

- If you choose the PlayStationBB Documentation from the main menu, you are brought to these screens which provide docs on operating your BB NAVI duh.

video/ video/ video/

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