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Ways to Install BB Navi


Because the hard disk has officially, unofficial, BB Navi has the original negative, explains the version, also may not install, 直读 IC also has the difference to the HDD support, therefore this existence many kinds of supplement, now synthesizes me possesses this aspect the knowledge, with everybody said PS2 adds BB Unit each kind of supplement plan, everybody may look clear must choose again because of individual.

1, already change machine and IC insufficient cow:
1.1, use official HDD: Because installed BB Navi (no matter were original negative or explains version, hereafter referred to as Original, Crack) after is does not read the D version, therefore the only outlet was formats the hard disk with HDD Tool, the hard disk only did the installment plays and deposits the extremely individual game the recording (itself supports recording records hard disk game) uses.

1.2, uses unofficial HDD: Because cannot install BB Navi (O), therefore only can choose 1.1 methods or is installs BB Navi (C). After BB Navi (C) installs unofficial HDD needs to use LinuxcCd to guide only then to be able to start, therefore normally open machine after because has not started BB Navi, therefore cannot affect the D version, waited till needs to use BB Navi processed in HDD when the material only then to guide it, like this basically was allowed to use besides the installment game completely the HDD function ("basically " is because had part of option can die machine).

1.3, uses unofficial HDD and has DVD engraves record machine: If is uses right and wrong official HDD which 1.2 methods uses, must install plays HDD must first 打补丁, own hits the patch the game engraves to DVD-R on only then may install on unofficial HDD, like this may use the function which 1.2 methods can use and may install the game.

2, already change machine and IC very cow:
At present at the discussion forum has the many opinions, but acts according to include which everybody provides: DMS3, Mars2, Bluechip (note! Italy! This only is the material which the others provides, the concrete own machine has not such the cow must by oneself test only then can know)

2.1, outside DMS3 user: May use 1.1, 1.2, outside 1.3 any method, if is official HDD also may install BB Navi (O), enjoys the complete function.

2.2, DMS3 user: With 2.1 nearly same, but the most important difference lies in the DMS3 direct support has not hit the patch game installs on unofficial HDD, but this IC price expensive moreover each kind of pattern cut is insufficiently convenient.

3, change machine user: Well-behaved installs BB Navi (O), may enjoy plays outside the D version the complete function.

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