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Cheating with ToxicOS

ToxicOS has a built-in cheat device to enable cheats with your PS2 game, from the HDD or a Disc.

Cheats codes must be in RAW code format. You can find many codes thru a internet search or in our forums. If you cant find yours in raw code, then you can convert them to raw from AR Max, GameShark, CodeBreaker , etc with a converter.

Converting codes to RAW

Maxconvert v0.71
Select the code format you are converting from the dropdown  , then type in the code to be converted.
select RAW
press the convert button

Maxconvert will handle CodeBreaker codes up to V6. For V7+ use CB2crypt v1.4

Inputting Cheats

Add Game Name
In the ToxicOS main screen ,select the Cheats Tab

Press down to enter the screen (there are currently no cheats installed) will be highlighted
Press the triangle button to open the Add Cheat menu

Highlight 'Add Game' and press X  button.
Enter the name of the game  and then select Enter on the virtual keypad.

Add Master Code
You will be returned to the main cheat menu with the Game name you just entered at the bottom.
Press Triangle again to open the Add Code menu and select it.

Now enter the Master code for the game and select End. Press Traiangle to enter another code if there is more than 1, otherwise press the Select button .
select yes to confirm saving the code to ToxicOS. You will be returned to the Main screen.

Adding  Cheats
Select ToxicOS again and you should be at the cheat menu .
Press X button on the game name, then press Triangle button to add cheats.
Type in the cheat name and select Enter

Press Right on the directional pad
Press the Triangle button to add the code for this cheat.

Enter the code and select Enter on the keyboard.
Press triangle to add another code for this cheat. Repeat this process until you have entered all the codes you wish .
When you are done entering all your codes for this cheat, press Select button to save them.

You should have the basics down by now on adding cheats to your game. Just repeat the process in the Adding Cheats above, to add another cheat to a game.
To add another game & all its cheats,  repeat the process.

Adding Folders
If you have a large amount of cheats , it might be a good idea to put each game cheats in their own folder.
Select the cheat name and press Triangle. Select  Add Folder, type in a name for the cheats your going to put in it.
Example: you have 20 different cheats for Infinite, like health,ammo, create a folder named INFINITE I chose all caps for my folders so its easy for me, but you can make any name you wish.
You can add more cheats to the folder or even another folder. Just press Triangle on the folder for the menu..

Dont forget to press the select button to save your cheats/folders.

Enable cheats
To enable a cheat to use with a game, just select it and press X button . It will remain highlighted and say "Selected cheats" at the bottom.
Then just go play your game and they will be enabled.

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