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Emulator Tutorial

Apps used for this tutorial:
Nero Info Tool
InfoNES (rev 3)
InfoGB (rev 2)

InfoNES (rev 3)
InfoGB (rev 2)
This is a basic tutorial on how to run emulators from different devices. I chose 1 emu for each device, but others may work using the same methods. There are too many emus to have a tutorial on each.

Play from HDLoader:

InfoNES (rev3)
This version allows you to re-boot the boot.elf without needing to restart the PS2
You need to create a INFONES.CNF (this must be placed in the mc0:/PS2NES/ )
    "dispx    = 75"
    "dispy    = 10"
    "stretch  = 1"
    "filter   = 1"
    "cliph    = 0"
    "sound    = 1"
    "boot_ELF = mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/BOOT.ELF"
    "auto_ROM = "
InfoNES will create the PS2NES folder on the MC after the first time its launched.
After its created you can add the INFONES.CNF to this folder.
You will also want to add the nes.icn & the icon.sys so the sony browser will see it as a valid save.

Make a folder (i used  ROMS_PD from  rev1) & put your roms in it
Create an ISO:
Open UltraISO & select "new", right-click the disc & rename it to INFONES (or whatever you want)
In the bottom left window, navigate to where your files located.
Then in the bottom right, Add system.cnf, InfoNES.elf & the roms folder
Click the 'Save' button in top menu
You will be prompted on where to save, the ISO format is already selected by default, so just name it & save.
Install to HDD:
FapLink is used for this tutorial, but you can use any method you know, to install an ISO to your ps2's HDD.
I used faplink since its a small file transfer & installed really quick (15 sec).I didnt feel like taking out my HDD for this.
If you need  help using it, heres a tutorial.
Open Faplink & select the ISO file you created above.
Click 'Install' . Not much more to tell.
Now you can select it from HDLoader's Game list.
To play from hdloader:
select InfoNES( whatever you named it)
press 'start button'
press 'X' on Browse CD
press 'start button" on Browse CDROM
Select the folder you made with your roms.
Other emu's :
InfoGB dlanor rev.2

Play from HDD

Put the Pgen.elf & all your roms in a folder (i named mine SEGA), then copy that folder  to a pen drive. Then put the pendrive into the PS2 usb slot & start ps2.
You must have a partition available, if you dont, then create one with DMS HDD Tools  Ulaunchelf & myPS2 can create them as well.
press START for the filebrowser
select mass:/
select the folder with your roms & pgen.elf
press circle button to select it
press R1 for command menu
select copy
press triangle button to move up a directory
select hdd0:/+partition (whatever you named it)
press R1, then select paste. It will copy the folder & all contents
Return to main menu by pressing SELECT
press SELECT to go to configuration screen
choose an empty button & press O to edit
select hdd0:/
select the partition you put the pgen elf in
select the pgen.elf
select 'OK' to save
now press the assigned button
Sorry, i didnt have my camera handy, so no pics available, not that you need any.
myPS2  if you dont have a partition already, myps2 will ask to create one
Choose > My Files
Choose >Select Source, >  mass:  > SEGA
press SQUARE to select it
press the up button till you highlight the 'Select Dest'
press X,
Choose > pfs0:
Scroll up till you highlight "start copying",
press X button
After its at 100%, your done!!
select Go Back
At the main screen Choose > "My Programs"
Next screen Choose > Select ELF , then pfs0:,then hdd partition you installed to, then SEGA, then PGEN_12.ELF (or whatever yours is)
 hit X
PGEN Menu :
Select ROM list. Select  hdd partition you installed to, then SEGA. You should see all your games.
The in-game Menu is the 'SELECT' button. From there you can switch different game, save, load,etc.
Other Emu's:

Launch from CD

SNES Station
Method 1 (Easy)
Burn a DATA CD with the snes.elf & the folder with the roms.
Get myPS2 version .02 (not as complicated as the later versions)
Launch myPS2 v.02 with your exploit
At the main screen, swap the disc without using eject (knife trick)
After the swap, select " My programs", then "Select ELFs", then "cdfs:" then  SNES_EMU.ELF(or whatever yours is), hit the "X " button.

Method 2 (Hard)
No KnifeSwap
This is an adaptation of BIRDWIG's tutorial for swapping without a Modchip or the knife trick. Credit goes to him for it.
First lets make sure you can use this method. Get the Nero Info Tool. Open it dummy!
It must read Raw Dao 16. If yours has it, then continue, if not you will only waste your time & a CD if you continue.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Create files:
Open NotePad  & put the following . Be sure that you hit the enter key after the entry, so the cursor is blinking at the third row (important)

The elf name must match your elf file's name. Now save it as copy.cnf
Open notepad again, select new, now hold the X button down until the page is full,
right-click in the page & 'select all',
press Ctrl + C to copy,
press Ctrl + V to paste.
Keep pasting untill you have about 20 MBs of data.
Now save it as DUMMY.DAT.

You should now have these 2 files:

The following requires a pendrive, if you dont have one, you can use birdwig's original tutorial with the FTP method.

Prepare the ps2:
We need to make 2 folders
Load UlaunchELF
press start for the file browser
select the mc0:
press R1 for Menu
select New Dir
type PS2REALITY > press OK
you should now be in the new directory you just made
press R1 again
select New Dir again
type SNES > press OK
Above the screen should say Path: mc0:/PS2REALITY/SNES if done correctly

Copy these files to your pendrive:

  • copy.cnf
  • mcloader.elf
Put the pendrive in the PS2, & load UlaunchELF.
press start for file browser
select mass:/
MARK the *mcloader.elf
press R1 for menu
select copy
press triangle till you are back at the  file browser's main screen
select mc0:/
press R1
select paste
mcloader.elf should now be in that folder
press triangle & go back
select mass:/
MARK *copy.cnf  & *SNES_EMU.ELF
press R1
select copy
press triangle & go back
select mc0:/
select PS2REALITY/
select SNES/
press R1
select paste
You should now have both files in the SNES folder
Your PS2 is now ready for the CD. Lets test it.
press SELECT button to return to main screen
press SELECT again to enter the config screen
select any empty button to assign the mcloader.elf
press O to edit
select mc0:/
select mcloader.elf
you should now be returned to the Main screen
Press the button you assigned to mcloader to launch it now
PS2REALITY's mcloader will display a few screens
When you see Applications In The MC you want to select it by pressing X
You should now see SNES Station, select it & press X
SNES Station should now load up.
Press SELECT  & it will say [Please change CD, Then Press X]
Hit eject button so the tray opens, then hit it again to close.
press X & you should see whatever is on your ps1 trigger disc.
 Preparing the CD
Open CDGEN3.0
Drag the DUMMY.DAT you made into it first
now drag all your roms next ( click 'edit' then 'select all' to drag all at once)
Goto File > Save Image
Save as type choose CDX CDR (*.cdx)
Burning the CD
Open Nero by double clicking the *cue fileyou just made.
Check the settings, then click burn.
Testing the disc
Start UlaunchELF & press the button for mcloader.
press X on applications in the MC
press X on SNES Station
press SELECT ( Please change CD, Then Press X appears) dont press X yet !!
hit EJECT to open the tray
swap discs
close the tray
press X
after a min or so, your roms should display.
If you get a message saying  no Roms or Directories on the CD,  then you either didnt burn the disc right, or your burner doesnt support RAW DAO 16

Play by MC

InfoGB (rev 2)
Make a folder called PS2GB (required by infoGB) on the MC. If you cant make one, just launch the infoGB elf & it will make one.
This version allows you to re-boot the boot.elf without needing to restart the PS2
You need to create a INFOGB.CNF
    "dispx    = 75"
    "dispy    = 10"
    "stretch  = 1"
    "filter   = 1"
    "cliph    = 0"
    "sound    = 1"
    "boot_ELF = mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/BOOT.ELF"
    "auto_ROM = "

Copy these files to PS2GB:

  • Roms
  • GB.icn
  • icon.sys
  • InfoGB.elf   (optional - this can also be launched from hdd or USB pendrive)
InfoGB  will look for roms on the MC or CD.

I wrote this tutorial based on my own methods by trying each of them myself. In order to get some to work, i did use tutorials from others. Some of my instructions may reflect on this fact.I did give credit to the original authors, but this tutorial is written by me, & is not copied. -JNABK

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