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This guide will help you in creating an Exploit for your MC with the use of the Utility. The Utility is a step-by-step process, so lets start with the first Tab.

Just some info to read, nothing to do here.
Most users will find just reading thru each step, will instruct on what to do, but i will try to further simplify each step's options.

If you know the PSX ID already, just type it into the "CurrentID" box & press Add to Title.DB button. You can skip to the next tab.
1-Put a PSX game disc into your PC's CD drive.
2-select the drive letter of your CD drive in the drop box
3-press the Get ID from CD button. The correct ID should now be in the box.
4-press Add to Title.DB The ID should appear in the box on the right side.
5- repeat 1-4 to add a few more IDs to the title.db incase of incompatability , otherwise you will have to create another title.db with a different psx game ID. This is optional, but recommended. 2-10 IDs should be plenty. Any of the psx discs can trigger the exploit if they are compatable.

If you have a working title.db file already and want to use it, press the Import Title.DB
If you want to save the title.db you just created for use with another app, press the Export Title.DB to save it to your PC .

A loader is used to load any .elf files you have on your MC. An elf file is an .exe for the PS2, meaning its an app. uLaunchELF is a file management program as well as an ELF loader. Included as a default selection is version 3.61 You can use this or if you wish to use the current version, download the latest version & extract the BOOT.ELF  from the zip, then select Other, and navigate to its location on your PC. You can use a different Elf Loader if you wish, instead of uLaunchelf.

Download other apps you want to run from your MC.  Extract the .elf file from the zip file.
press Browse for file for each .elf you want on the MC.
Press Browse for folder if you have a folder containing files you want on the MC.
Size of all added files shows the over-all size of all the apps your adding, so dont add more than you have space available on the MC.

IP Options
If you plan to use a Home Network to connect the PS2 to your PC for file transfers, this is where you can set the configuration file.
If not, go to the next tab.

This is a very important step. there are 3 regions used, so be sure you select where you are from. There are other apps & games that are assigned regions and only work with the same region.

Dummy File
150MB  for CD
999MB for DVD.
If you are installing via HD Loader/HD Advance , or With a cheat Cd and USB stick, then put 0
LaunchELF Pre-Configuration
Put a mark in the box for .ELF Auto Start if you want to load an app without needing to press any buttons.Select the app from the drop menu. Set the delay to the time (in secs) you want it to take before loading the app.

The rest is the buttons you can assign to uLaunchELF. When you press a button assigned in Ulaunchelf, it will load the app.Other wise nothing will happen until you press something .You dont have to assign anything for it to work, but you should. Otherwise you will have to do it manually each time you want to load an app.
Background Image:
uLaunchELF is skinnable with a background & ability to change the font colors. If you dont know what you can use, dont put anything. Tutorials

Create the Exploit
Output Format
bin/cue : use this if installing with HD Loader/HD Advance disc. Use Winhiip to add to the PS2's HDD
file output: puts each file made by the Utility into a folder so you can create your own ISO, .Max or use the files with another app.
Options for CD Image
Exploit Installer CD: burn this to CD & use a swap method to install to MC.
Live CD: use this if you want to run uLaunchelf or any elf on the CD. Good for slim users. You can install to MC by running the INSTALL_EXPLOIT.ELF
Memory Card Format(XPS): saves in.xps You can use PS2 SaveBuilder to convert to a different extesion for use with your cheat disc & a USB Stick.
Modchip Trigger Disc: creates a CD that boots the boot.elf on a MC . Modchips only! Useful to those with a slim ps2.
If you need more info about the formats, click the Learn about the different formats button.
If your sure you have done everything correctly, click the Create Exploit! button to create your exploit. I would check each tab again first.
A folder is created  with your exploit C:/ Iscentral
Exploit Sender
This is an app that can allow you to install with the use of a cheat disc running on your ps2, if you dont have a USB Stick. Uses the .XPS file output, or whatever you converted it to for your cheat disc. You can also transfer game saves this way too. Tutorial

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