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Gamecube Emulators Applications

Note - These should also work on the Wii

Miscellaneous Description
GnuboyGX "Wip v2" - Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulation with sound
- DVD & SDCARD support for rom loading
- Savestate load/save on Memory Card
- SRAM & RTC load/save on Memory Card
- Support for 8MB roms
- Support for zipped roms
GnuboyGX Wip v1

- Initial release
- Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulation with sound
- DVD & SDCARD support for rom loading
- Support for 8MB roms

What's missing (work in progress):
- a nice GUI (for this wip, I quickly copypasted SMSPlus Gui sources)
- SRAM, Savestate and RTC loading/saving support
- User Configurable emulator options (to replace original .rc files support)

gbQ Bin Pal Gameboy Emulator for the Gamecube
GBA Emu Plus RC1 GBA Emulator for the Gamecube
Snes9 xgx004x SNES Emulator for the Gamecube
HuGo GC v001x Hu-Go! GC is a PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 emulator for Gamecube
FCE Ultra GameCube Edition v108x

FCE Ultra GameCube Edition (NES Emulator) for Gamecube

Genesis Plus Genesis Plus emulator for GameCube newer 03-09-2007
Genesis Plus v12a Genesis Plus emulator for GameCube older

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