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Gamecube Miscellaneous Applications


Miscellaneous Description
GC Disc Browser v1.5  
GCOS_SELFBOOT_MultiGame Version ** SELFBOOT Multigame Ver **
- .exe now creates multiboot and selfboot iso all in one.
- NOTE: These new discs won't work on the old MultiGame ver GCOS DVD.
- NOTE: Games Created with previous tool WILL WORK.
GCOS_MultiGame Version ** Multigame Ver **
- Fixed menu from going to nowhere if up was pressed
- Added support for full DVD MultiGames [new GCOS Format ]
- Added Best support possible for Multigame discs (Cobra ones)
- Made GUI Neater in MultiGame select area
Make Multi Selfboot  
SD Loader V1.00 r2 The Action Replay SD Loader (or SDLOAD for short) is an tool which
allows you to boot code on an unmodified GameCube within 10 to 15
seconds from the time you turn it on! It makes use of an Action Replay
code which tricks the GameCube into running my bootloader code and loading
my SD card selection menu.

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