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Extract, Patch and Inject DNAS300.IMG DNAS File

This tutorial will show u how to extract the DNAS300.IMG from a PS2 ISO file, patch it and inject it back into the ISO and then burn it to a DVD so u can play online with it.

I made this tutorial coz the other DNAS Patcher doesn’t always work with (new) games.

(Though it usually does,

You will need:


Step 1:

Get a DNAS ID, Either online (forums) or Get the id yourself off the original game.

Step 2:

Install WinImage
Start the program and click on ‘File’ and then ‘Open’ and select your game (.ISO).
Search for a file called ‘DNAS300.IMG’.
Right click on it and choose ‘Extract’
A window will open asking u where to save the file too.
Click ‘browse’, choose your desktop and click ‘Ok’.

Step 3:

Open up DNAS Disc ID Insertor v2.01.
Click on ‘OPEN DNAS’
Go to your desktop, choose the DNAS300.IMG file.
Click on ‘SCAN’, it should say: ‘Disc ID routine found’ or something like that.
Put in the DNAS code u have written down from your Sony Network Access Disc.
Click on ‘PATCH’ and your all done!
Step 4:

Open up ISO ReLinker, and open your game. (.ISO).
Search for the DNAS300.IMG file again and mark it. (Click on it once).
Then click on ‘Overwrite’.
A window will open.
Choose the DNAS300.IMG file we just patched on your desktop and click ‘OPEN’.
The original file is now overwritten by the patched file…
Burn the ISO with your favourite burning program and have phun.          


                                                                                                                      - Made By BrOoDjE edited by SKSApps

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