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PS2Mame Tutorial

1. Unzip the PS2Mame archive to the directory of your choice. Create a directory in the same folder called "ROMS" and place your MAME ROM files inside. If you decide to keep the files in ZIP format, you may use up to 30 ROM files. If you add the ROMs unarchived into their own directories you can have hundreds of ROM files.


2. Edit the gamelist.txt file with notepad and list, one after the other, the names of your ROM files minus the extension. Make sure to use CAPS!


3. Install and load CDGenPS2. Drag the contents of your PS2Mame folder into the right-hand window of CDGenPS2


4. Right click on the file SYSTEM.CNF you just copied into CDGenPS2. Select "Edit" and a dialog box will pop up

5. Tick the "Set LBA" box and enter "12231" as the LBA.


6. CDGenPS2 automatically sets the LBA on the other files for you.


7. Click the "IMG" button in CDGenPS2. Select a filename and location to save the CD image file to. You may also choose to save as either bin/cue (CDRwin, Fireburner, etc.) or ISO format. CDGenPS2 will create a bootable PS2 image file. When it has finished, click OK.


8. Load the image file you just created into your favorite CD burning app and create a CD-R, then boot the disc on your PS2 using whatever mod you have installed and enjoy MAME on your PS2!

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