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How to make your own .Max save exploit

Stuff that you'll need:

  • A Playstation 2
  • An AR MAX disk or AR MAX EVO disk
  • A USB Mass Storage device (Any usb camera, flash drive, multimedia card reader - as long as its USB and supports saving files to it using windows explorer on XP.Note: zip drive, floppy drive didn't work for me. Perhaps ONLY fast reading multimedia cards work!
  • You need a Ps1 disc to trigger the exploit. This means you need to put it in each time you want the exploit to run. It is your boot disc.
Software: (Click on the name of the software to download.)

Create a TITLE.DB :
First thing is first to add a code of the trigger disc to your title.db!

First put in your PSX Disc (Playstation 1 cd).

Then get your SLUS and add it to the title.db

Ubergeeks Website

Compile Exploit files:
Now open Ps2 Save Builder to create you own exploit! Please note that in each region, Playstations are programmed only to read data in a certain directory on the memory card. The region code is the directory.
"BEDATA-SYSTEM" Is Australia, NZ , Europe (PAL)
"BIDATA-SYSTEM" Is Jap (NTSC) It is also important to note that for Jap Ps2, you will need TWO exploits: For the first save you will need to make the directory BIDATA-SYSTEM and have TITLE.DB in that save. Skip past the next line and continue the rest of the tutorial for that save, then come back here, and do it for the second save. For the second save you will have the REST of your files in the directory of BADATA-SYSTEM.

Add the files that you need OR you can get the starter pack and just edit that:
Starter pack has the essential files + cogswaploader. Download here

After loading the starter pack, delete BOOT.ELF and TITLE.DB (right click, delete)

and click "Edit, Add File" and add your own TITLE.DB. Rename whatever you want (only elfs that boot stuff) to load automatically to BOOT.ELF- like PS2MENU.ELF to BOOT.ELF and also add its required files like <something>.IRX
Now save this file as *exploit.xps and go into the xps-max converter!

*NOTE: If using PS2SaveBuilder 08x skip the XPS conversion, as it can save in .Max format for AR Max. Otherwise continue on to Installing....

Convert .xps to .max :

To get this screen, you must click "File,Load xps" and load the file you saved from the PS2 Save Builder.

Now simply press file, and click "save .max" - Save it as whatever you want and put it on your USB storage device.

Installing to MC:
No more screenshots here but what you need to do is start your AR MAX cd and go to Memory Card manager. Depending on the filesize of your exploit it may not appear immediately but when it does, Check it (It has checkboxes) And go across to "UNCRUSH to memory card" ,dont copy it !
It will then save the config onto your memory card.

After it has saved, I unplug the USB device open the CD rom, put in the PSx game and press RESET. When it reboots the exploit runs!

If you still need help after reading this, visit our forum.


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