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myPS2 v1.2 Tutorial

Basic guide to using myPS2
Use whatever exploit method you know to get the myPS2 folders & files to your MC or HDD. I used uLaunchELF v3.50 .
If you use a USB Stick, you can create the MYPS2 folder with all the files,then use uLaunchELF's FileBrowser to copy the entire directory to the MC or HDD.
Then use uLaunchELF to launch the myPS2.elf


MYPS2/  <--create this folder, put the following directories , subdirectories & files in it. (all are case sensitive)
  • /boot/
  •  /fonts/
  •  /language/
  •  /shoutcast/
  •  /skins/
  •  /logs/
  • samba.xml
  • myps2.icn   <--Icon i made for the ps2 browser (optional)
  • icon.sys      <--Icon data for the ps2 browser's save name (optional)
  • USBD.IRX <--need this to access any USB device


If you want to install the program to your HDD you must add two entries to the CONFIG.DAT file:

hdd_boot_part             =hdd0:PARTITION

  • hdd0:_PARTITION  (if a system partition) made by formatting app
  • hdd0:+PARTITION (if a common partition) made by you with an app
hdd_boot_path            = /MYPS2/

Replace PARTITION with whatever you named the partition your putting the MYPS2 folder in.

hdd_boot_part is the name of the partition you have myPS2 installed on.
hdd_boot_path is the path of the directory you have myPS2 installed in.

hdd_boot_part                      = hdd0:+MYPS2hdd_boot_path                      = /MYPS2/
Follow the format of the other entries, this is my configuration, then save as UTF-8 in notepad.
[HDD] [PARTITION] [FOLDER] [hdd0:+MYPS2/MYPS2/] this is the address as seen in uLaunchELFv3.50
MYPS2/  <--create this folder, put the following directories , subdirectories & files in it. (all are case sensitive)
  • /boot/
  •  /fonts/
  •  /language/
  •  /shoutcast/
  •  /skins/
  •  /logs/
  • samba.xml

 <~~~~OR~~~~> CD:
You can also run the program from CD. To do this burn the files on CD along with the SYSTEM.CNF file.

  • boot/
  • fonts/
  • language/
  • shoutcast/
  • skins/
  • logs/
  • samba.xml
You should also add a dummy file to the compilation.
It doesn't matter what this file is, just make sure it's at least 30 MB. Its only to fill space on the cd for easier reading by the PS2.
Use the method you know to burn the CD.

Configuring myPS2

USB Support

If you want to use your USB stick with myPS2 you need to supply an USBD.IRX module. You can find this module on many PS2 game discs so you can just copy it from one of your games.

myPS2 will look for the USBD.IRX module in the installation directory first. If it can't find the file in the installation directory it will then look for the module on the memory card in the following places:

 - mc0:/USBD.IRX
 - mc0:/SMS/USBD.IRX
 - mc0:/PS2MP3/USBD.IRX

HDD Partition

If myPS2 detects a HDD on startup but cannot find a myPS2 partition, it will
ask you if you want to create one and guide you through the process. You don't
have to create a HDD partition but doing so will allow to use advanced features
such as Thumbnail Caching.

Gamepad Layout

Key Gamepad Button
up/down/left/right Directional Pad
Select a file/entry X button
Back to previous menu TRIANGLE 
Take a screenshot SELECT 
Highlight list entries SQUARE
When viewing an image fullscreen in the "My Pictures" menu:
Zoom in CIRCLE or R1
Zoom out SQUARE or L1
Back to thumbnail view TRIANGLE

Accessing Samba (Windows) Network Shares

You can access shared network folders from myPS2. To share a folder on a network under Windows XP, right click it and select "Sharing and Security".
To access the share from myPS2 you must then add an entry to the samba.xml file.

An entry in the file would look like this :

              <name>My C-Drive (SMB)</name>

name is the name that will show up in the menu.
path is the path to the network share.

The path can include a username and a password, as in the example above.
Whether this is neccessary or not depends on your Windows/Samba configuration.

computer is the network name of the computer. You can also enter the IP address of the computer instead of its name.

If you want to use this feature you must first configure the network in the Network Settings menu.

For more information on using myPS2, consult the 'read me' that was included with myPS2v1.2.

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