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Now this part is optional, but this is to replace the PS2Menu-k with Keylauncher so it looks better basically.


To do this download Ps2 Keylauncher 0.4

Inside should be KL.DAT and KL.ELF. The elf file is the program and the dat file is the configuration settings for the program. What this program does it make it so you do not have to browse around PS2Menu-k. All you do is set the path of the .elf file in the KL.DAT file and then set it to run at the click of a certain PS2 button on the controller. First, log into the ps2 and go to the BADATA-SYSTEM folder. Inside is BOOT.ELF. The PS2 automatically launches the BOOT.ELF file when it loads with the PS1 game. Right now we have PS2Menu-k as our BOOT.ELF file. What we are going to to now is replace PS2Menu-k with PS2 Keylauncher. So, in the BADATA-SYSTEM folder download the original BOOT.ELF file and rename it to BOOT.ELF.BACKUP and save it incase anything goes wrong. Now, rename KL.ELF to BOOT.ELF and send it over to the BADATA-SYSTEM foler, replaceing the original. Now, open the Keylauncher KL.DAT file with notepad.



NOTE: The original download might say "BEDDATA-SYSTEM" or something similar. Make sure it says "BADATA-SYSTEM"

Now, just adjust the KL.DAT file to the whatever programs you want. You need to double and triple check that the file paths are correct before you send over the KL.DAT file or else you will have a hard time getting it to work. (remember what I said about EXECFTPS). Now, when you replace the BOOT.ELF file and add the KL.DAT file to the same folder when you boot up your PS2 you should now get PS2 Launcher instead of PS2-Menu! Now everything is complete. When you want to add a new elf to your MC all you do is make a foler for it, and then make the correct link to it in the KL.DAT file.

NOTE: As of now PS2Menu-k does not work well with PS2 Launcher 0.2 From what I hear though if you use version 0.2+ and use ps2packer it works fine.

NOTE: The reason I made you install ps2menu-k first was so that you have knowledge on how the whole process works and so if anything goes wrong you should be able to fix it on your own. If you would like to make this whole process go by much faster, before you first load the MC Exploit to the memory card, just make Keylauncher your BOOT.ELF and make sure you add the additional .elf files you would like to add along with the KL.DAT file.

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