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The Knife Swap Trick

Remove the tray cover:
First, you need to remove the front of the tray, it pulls off . Look carefully at the back of the tray face. There are clips that hold it on , just pry the face till it pops off. If you should break it, you can easily glue it back if you want.
Slide Tool:
Heres a picture of the slide card you can use  for the swap trick.

Print this template & cut an old credit card, or sturdy plastic.
slide card trick

((I have used a thin plastic knife with a "V" cut at the tip. Worked best for me))

Using the Slide Tool:
 If you look in the slot underneath the tray, you will see a white pin, (circled in the picture)  you have to use the notch in the tool to  slide it to the right until the tray pops out a little, and then you can pull it out by hand.

Now swap discs.

When you have done the swap, you need to push the tray back in,(DO NOT hit the eject button or it will reset the PS2 & look for a PS2 disc) then use the tool to grip the pin and move it back to the left.

slide card trick

This might take some practice to get right, but as long as your careful and take your time you will get the hang of it.

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