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Swap Magic Tutorial

Before start using Swap Magic 3

Different region of PS2 need different version of Swap Magic 3.

The above information could be found on the PS2 console. Please identify your region (NTSC / PAL) before buying Swap Magic 3.

Due to the main function of Swap Magic 3 is booting up your Playstation 2 console. And then you can change your backup / import game discs for playing, therefore you may need some tools to help you to open up your CD tray of your console. And here is a table shown you that what additional tools do you need if you use our Swap Magic 3 Boot Disc.






You should buy:


If your PS2 is in slim model:

SCPH-70000 (Japan)
SCPH-70003 (UK)
SCPH-70004 (Europe)
SCPH-70011 (North America)
SCPH-70012 (USA)

You should buy:

Start using Swap Magic 3

Swap Magic 3 has been designed with one purpose in mind - booting backups/import games. In the Swap Magic 3.6 Plus package, there are two discs. One disc is for booting CD-R games, and another is for booting DVD-R games.
In short, the procedure for booting a backup with Swap Magic is like this:

Insert disc Load Programme Swap your disc Play game

1. Insert a Swap Magic 3 Disc in your PlayStation2
 (CD is for booting CD backups/import games. DVD version is for booting DVD backups/import games)
2. When there are two options (Load Program and Video Mode) on the screen, that is the time to swap the disc.
 **you need to install the tools  to enable the console not to reset while swaping the disc **
3. Insert your CD or DVD backup
4. Use Flip Top Cover or Slide-Tool to put the CD tray back
5. Press X on joy pad and the game will start

Additional Tools Introduction
Installation Guide of Tool D of Magic Switch Pro V3

The installation of Magic Switch Pro V3 is similar to the previous version. The only difference is the installation of Tool E.

Installation manual of Magic Switch Pro V3 (.pdf format)


Installation Guide of Tool D of Magic Switch Pro V2

The installation step of Tool D is really simple. The following document shows you how to install Tool D step by step. Also, installation steps of Tool A and B are included in this document

Tool D of Magic Switch Pro V2 Installation Guide (English) (.pdf format)

Magic Switch Pro
 This highly recommend tool for use together with swapmagic3 , no installation skill needed , no warranty void on your console

There is a brand new product called "Magic Switch" available in the market. By the Magic Switch, we can use Swap Magic 3.3 on the latest PS2 console SCPH-7000X.

Recently, Magic Switch Pro was release, too. Magic Switch Pro provides the same function as Magic Switch did. The main difference is that the Tool C of Magic Switch Pro is much smaller than the old version. This means that you can close the console cover when using Swap Magic 3 disc!! Some users may find that it is difficult for them to install the Tool C. Here are 2 pictures which show you how to install the Tool C.

And here are the installation guide of Magic Switch Pro:

Magic Switch Pro Installation Guide (English) (.pdf format)
Magic Switch Pro Installation Fuide (Japanese) (.pdf format)


Slide Tool

Slide-Tool should be used with Swap Magic 3. By using Slide Tool, it is an easy, simple and inexpensive way for all the people to play their PS2 CD-R or DVD-R backups. Slide-Tool is a newly "never seen before" solution and substitute to a modchip for Playstation2.

With the Slide tool, you can play your backups without modchip installation. Normally, when installing a backup solution, you have to open your console and make much modification. Now, you do not need to open the console and keep your sony warranty stays intact.

As the Slide Tool will not incur any changes to your Playstation2 internal system, it is operating completely normal. Playing PS1 and PS2 original games as it should, and playing DVD movies as it should, too. Give up your modchip now !!

Slide-Tool must use with Swap Magic 3.

There is no necessary to modify your PS2 console. So no warranty void.

Cheap and easy to use.

Slide Tool Compatible with CD-R and DVD-R backups.

Slide-tool Compatible with ALL PS2 models (included the latest V9 version SCPH50000)

Slide Tool User Guide (English)
Slide Tool User Guide (Chinese)
Slide Tool User Guide (Japanese) (.pdf format)
Slide Tool User Guide (Spanish) (.pdf format)


Flip Top Cover for SCPH-70000

Suitable for SCPH-7000X PSTwo consoles.

Work perfectly with the Swap Magic 3 Disc and no-solder chips.

Allows you to swap the discs easily.

Magic Case Installation Guide for SCPH-7000X


Flip Top Cover

Flip Top Cover is a perfect solutions for playing backups and imports with the Swap Magic Disc on your PS2 as it allows you to change the CD easily. This is performed by swapping the store-bought (original) Swap Magic 3 Disc with your burned PS2 CDR & DVDR back-ups by lifting the Flip-Top lid.

Work perfect with the Swap Magic 3 Disc and no-solder chips.

Suitable for V4-V8 consoles (Flip Top Cover for V9 will be available soon).

Allows you to swap the discs easily.

Magic Case Installation Guide

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