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uLaunchelf - Button Config


[Guide based off of LaunchElf v3.79]

This is a guide on configuring the launcher buttons in uLaunchElf.

Press the default SELECT key, and you will enter the configuration menu. Here you are presented with a list of buttons that you can map to launch specific programs. The buttons should be self explanatory except for 'default', which is a program you can specify to run automatically after a specified amount of time after uLaunchElf loads. Highlight a button you would like to assign a key to and press O(circle). You will be presented with a list of devices.
mc0:/ is the memory card in slot 1
mc1:/ is the memory card in slot 2
hdd0:/ is a hard drive if you have one
cdfs:/ is the PS2's CD/DVD drive
mass:/ is a usb drive plugged into either of the two usb ports on the ps2.
MISC:/ is a psuedo-filesystem, and I will go into detail on it in a moment

Generally most people store their elfs in the same place the exploit is installed to. For NTSC users this will be mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/, for PAL users it will be mc0:/BEDATA-SYSTEM/, and for JAP users it will be either mc0:/BIDATA-SYSTEM/ or mc0:/BEDATA-SYSTEM/.

Other people in an attempt to save space on their memory cards, store their programs in a partition on the hard drive(Guide here)

About the MISC:/ thing, basically it holds all the built in features of launchelf.
FileBrowser - The filebrowser function(Guide here)
PS2Browser - This returns you back to the PS2 Browser screen.
PS2Disc - If there is a Playstation 2 format disk in the drive, this will start the game.
PS2Net - This starts the built in FTP server.(Guide here)
PS2PowerOff - This shuts down the PS2.
HddManger - Allows you to manage partions on the hard drive, as well as rename HDLoader Games.(Guide here)
TextEditor - This is a basic text editor(Guide here)
Configure - The Configuration screen, where you can map your buttons to keys, and set up the other various settings.
Load CNF-- - This loads the previous configuration file, named launchelf#.cnf
Load CNF++ - This loads the next configuration file, named launchelf#.cnf
Set CNF_Path - Sets the default configuration file path(Used in conjunction with Load CNF)
Load CNF - Reloads the configuration file.
Show Font - Shows the characters of the current font set.

After you have located the program that you want assigned to the button, press O(circle), and you will be taken back to the config screen. The button will now have the path to the program it launches written next to it.

The 'Default' entry is executed after a specifed number of seconds, only if no other key is pressed. The time can be changed by entering "Startup Settings", and then scrolling down to "'Default' Timeout" and using the X and O keys to add and subtract time.

When you are done assigning all of your buttons, go ahead and press OK at the bottom, to save your settings to a file. Now every time after this that uLaunchElf loads it will display the proper program assigned to each button.

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