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uLaunchelf - Applying a Skin


[Guide based off of LaunchElf v3.79]

This will teach you how to apply a skin to use as a background.

Begin by entering the configure menu, and then navigate to "Screen Setttings".
Then go down to "Skin Settings".
Select "Skin Path", and you will be presented with the filebrowser, allowing you to select a jpg file. Once selected, you will se a preview in the box. Adjust the brightness if you desire, and then press "Apply New Skin"
Some skins may require that you edit some of the colors, so do this now at the top of the "Screen Settings" submenu. It shows a preview of the color in the little box below the numbers.
You may also choose to turn off the menu frame(the box that goes around the screen, and additionaly you can make the popups Opaque(so they have a background color, instead of seeing your background image.

Skins can be obtained here, or you can make your own(640x480 jpg images)
Many skins include suggested color settings, or you can experiment with your own.

If you selected some settings that do not allow you to see anything on the screen, reboot the ps2, and when uLaunchElf loads;
Press 'Select'
Press 'Up' 5 Times
Press 'O'
Press 'Up'
Press 'O'
This will load the default screen settings.

Images to go along with this will come shortly.

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