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Noobie Guide to uLE
How to use uLaunchELF
A User Guide for the Noobie

This guide will only cover the basic options  in uLaunchELF just to get you familiar with using it. The screens in this guide have some links  to other pages just as they are in the PS2 for easy navigation.
 This guide was created using uLE v4.39 and you can always find the latest releases from the Launchers Section. In depth documentation can  also be found in the uLaunchELF Wiki if you would like more advanced info.
uLaunchELF is often refered to as just uLE for simplicity, rather than typing out the full name everytime and is also used in some configuration paths.

Take note of the Key Legend at the bottom of the screens, each screen has different options to use per selection in the menus.

Main Menu Screen:

Failed to load LAUNCHELF.CNF
    (): FileBrowser
    /\: About uLE
SELECT: Configure


The error message of : Failed to Load LAUNCHELF.CNF is a normal display when there is no configurations made from the default configuration. So dont be alarmed to see this the first time you run uLaunchELF or any time after if you still havent made any changes.

LAUNCHELF.CNF is the file that holds the configurations for uLE, so on the very first run there wont be one present, unless you manually add it, then of course you wont see that error message.

This is the Main screen for uLE and is where you will  be able to launch other apps from assigned buttons. These other buttons you assign will display here once you have configured them as you wish.

Default configurations can be changed and those buttons can be used for something else if you wish. The SELECT button is for the configurations screen and cannot be re-assigned using the Configure Screen. I would recommend keeping the FileBrowser assigned to a button or you will loose the option to use it.
 FileBrowser -allows access to any  device connected to your console
About uLE - displays a credits screen of those who made uLE possible
Configure - allows you to configure uLE to your own convienences

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