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USBAdvance Skin Guide

Skinning USB Advance is not difficult, but requires the use of DOS  and several applications.
packer/unpacker GUI

First create a folder on  C:\USBA  and download the above files into it.
You will need to use cmd.exe several times, to to help shorten the amount of commands, put a copy of cmd.exe from the Windows folder into this folder as well.

Next unpack the USBADVN.ELF with the  GUI

to shorten DOS commands, rename it to unpack.elf

Extract images
Open  a Command Prompt and  type:  usbastrip /x unpack.elf

Now all the files from the elf are extracted into the usba folder. You can simply edit these with your Paint Program or use them as a guide and make new images, depending on your experience level .

When naming your new images at time of saving them, remember to keep it short since you will be manually typing them into a DOS command prompt.

Image notes:
arrow,button,font,frame & misc must be either 32bit .TGA or  Interleaved RAW format
main & splash  must be either 24bit .bmp, 32bit .TGA or  Interleaved RAW format

After you have finished with your creation  its time to patch  the images into usb advance.

Patching the images

Open the cmd.exe and type:  usbastrip /?   or just use this as a guide
This will show the commands required to patch each image to the unpacked usbadvance.elf

In the command prompt type:

usbastrip  [options] [file] infile.elf  [outfile.elf]

usbastrip /im newmain.bmp unpack.elf usbadvance.elf

usbastrip /is newsplash.bmp /im newmain.bmp unpack.elf usbadvance.elf

If you want to bypass the splash screen from loading and load directly to the main screen, use the /s option to remove it.

Just press the enter key and all  options chosen are listed as done or an error will show if the image is incorrect.

 If you wish to pack the new usbadvance.elf, use the packer GUI you used to unpack it at the begining of the  guide. It isnt necessary to pack it if your planning to run the app from disc .

Thanks goes to eustolio for the information used to make this guide.

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