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Newbies Guide to the PS2 VCD Player


READ this Disclaimer

With the release of the PS2VCD player people can make their own short clips to play on the ps2. The reason the clips have to be short Is the length restriction placed on by the ps2 as of this writing. PS2 plays mpeg2 movies. And in a sense your making MiniDVDs As done by RobShot in the DVD scene. It is possible to play mpeg1 files on the ps2. But as of now this has not been accomplished. This VCD player is more of a technical demo and a way to play short clips and test down-sampled PSS movies but its just the start to prove that I can be done. No one expects much form the first attempt. Its just the beginning.


With this said lets get on to the tutorial.


PSS movies are actually mpeg2 movies. BUT this does not mean u can just rename the files. They are specially encoded mpeg2 files.


Most of you have a VCD or some kind of clip u want to use in this player.

To do so u need to convert it to mpeg2 and separate the streams.



Load up tmpgenc

Will look similar to this.

Ok now you are going to want to load the PSS template.

Click the load in the bottom right corner



Now load the pss.mcf that came in the tmpgenc zip.




Load the video you wish to encode.

Select the output file

Locate the video you wish to encode

Now you are going to encode the video and audio streams separate


Starts encoding

Click one of the these then click start. Then do the other one.


This may take a while depending on the size of the video stream.

But when its complete you will have 2 separate streams. A M2V and a MP2.

But the PSS tool only accepts WAV. So we need to convert it. To do so use winamp or the enclosed tool.

Open audio converter



This is pretty straight forward usage.

Use file\open then select the MP2 file


Now select output then WAV


Should look something like this

Now click file convert.

Now you have both of the streams you need to make the PSS file.

Open up ps2str



Click the SPU encode tab



Click add


Select the WAV file you just made



Now click start


Now click Mux



Now click add new


You’ll get this


Click add



Click Browse and select your m2v file

Click ok

Use similar method for the audio

But change the stream to PCM

Click ok till your back to the main screen

Now click start

This will ask you to save the mux file.

And what ever dir the work directory is set to a pss will be made.

Ok now you have a pss file


Now you need to make the cd


Take the and extract it to the C:\

This will make a dir called C:\ps2vcd


Take and locate the PS2VCD\MV dir

There should be a pss called MOVIE0.PSS

DELETE this one and put yours in in its place.


Now Locate the cddvdgen rar in the kit

Extract this and run the program


You will get this screen


Click Open project

Go to the C:\ps2vcd and open the VCD.CCZ file.

Now select file\Export iml File

Save the file as C:\PS2VCD\vcd.iml

Now run the go.bat


This will now create the image with your movie in it.

Open up CDRWIN


Click That button



Change this to record ISO image

You will see this

Input your vcd.iso file

Change to CDROM-XA

Change to



Should look like this now

Now just hit start


It will record your image


This image will work on all ps2 swap tricks.

It has been setup to even work on the jap one.


Have fun and don’t bitch about the limitations or oh hard it is. ITS JUST THE BEGINNING!

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