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Access your Multimedia files with Media Center X

Now that Media Center X (MCX) is installed and running your multimedia files must be placed in specific folders in order to be accessible within MCX. The following list indicates the folder location for each media type that MCX supports.

Folder Locations for Media files:

My Videos
Place FLV videos in:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Red Kawa\Media Center\software\Video\videos

Mac/Linux: install_dir/software/Video/videos

Important Note: MCX can only play video files in the FLV format. If your videos are not in this format you can convert them by using the Red Kawa Video Converters.
My Music
Place MP3's in:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Red Kawa\Media Center\software\Music\music

Mac/Linux: install_dir/software/Music/music
My Pictures
Place Pictures in:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Red Kawa\Media Center\software\Pictures\images

Mac/Linux: install_dir/software/Pictures/images

for PS3
My Files
Before download files to the PS3 HD – You MUST edit the program settings before downloading!

For security reasons, you must specify which directories you want to allow downloading from. By default, you will only be allowed to download files from your C:\Documents and Settings directory which includes:
  • My Documents
  • Desktop
  • My Videos
  • etc
If you try to download from any other directory that is not specified you WILL get a Forbidden or 404 error.

To add the directory you want to download from, click the Settings button at the bottom of any of the File Server pages.

You should do this on your PC as it will be a lot quicker and not on your PS3.

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