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Programming PICs under Windows XP with JDM or cheap programmer.


Unzip to a directory of your choice.

Run icprog.exe.

- The first time you run icprog.exe, you will be prompted with a ”Hardware Setup” screen.
- Note, the COM Port will be automatically selected for you, but you can always change it.
- Windows 2000 users add the icprog.sys file to you system directory to run in win 2k.
- Go to Settings / Options / Misc and check ”Enable NT/2000 Driver”.
- Windows XP users Open a browser and select the file ic-prog.exe
- Press right button on your mouse
- Go to Propertties
- Go to Compatibility menu
- Set compatibilty mode as Windows 2000 or Windows 98 / Win ME
- Press Apply icon
- Press Accept icon
- You need to copy icprog.sys into the SAME directory as icprog.exe.
- Then you can enter in the ic-prog software, go to Settings, Options
and choose the Misc. page. There you can enable the NT/2000 Driver
it will then be installed
- Select "PIC12F629" in upper right drop-down box.
- Open Wiifree HEX and then you can programm it to PIC.
- when pop-up "OsCCAL = 3428h Do you want to use value from file (3FFFh) instead?" press "NO"

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