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Install Media Center X on a Mac
This tutorial will help your install Media Center X (MCX) on a Mac that is running OS X.

  • Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) or newer
  • Java 1.5
Unfortunately at the moment MCX requires the Java 1.5 (5.0) runtime environment (JRE) or newer to run. As of right now Apple has only released the Java 1.5 for OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and according to their Java FAQ “There are no plans to release J2SE 5.0 for earlier releases of Mac OS X”.
If you have managed to successfully run MCX on a version of OSX 1.4 please let us know what version of Java you are running and any modifications you made.
In the future we hope to release a version of MCX that officially supports older versions of OS X (JRE 1.4.2).

Installation Steps:
  • Unzip the to your desktop.
  • Open a terminal
  • Click Applications->Utilities->
  • Change directories to mediacenterx_jar folder on your desktop
  • cd ~/Desktop/mediacenterx_jar/
  • Run MCX
  • java -jar MediaCenter.jar
If you see errors or warnings on the terminal screen read the Troubleshooting section bellow.

Test MCX from your computer
When MCX starts it will inform you what Internet Address and Port the server is running on, write this address down.

Example: Media Center Web Address: http://x.x.x.x:8192

Open a web browser and open the MCX address you wrote down. If you do not see the MCX screen you should check your terminal screen for errors and read the Troubleshooting section of this document.

Run MCX from your console
Using your console’s web browser open the web address you wrote down in step 5. At this point you should see the MCX screen and your all done. Check out the Red Kawa Forums for Skins and other MCX information.

If you do not see the MCX screen proceed to update your firewall settings.

Updating your firewall settings
If you can use MCX on your computer but not on your console you need to configure your computer’s firewall to allow connects to the MCX server.
  • Open the System Preferences
  • Click the Sharing Icon in the Internet & Network section
  • Click on Firewall and in that section, click the New Button
  • Click the Port Name dropdown and select Other
  • Type in 8192 (if you changed the default port to something else use that here) for both TCP and UDP Port Number fields and give it a description like Media Center X
  • Click Ok and Reload the MCX webpage on your console.

 Failed SocketConnector
MCX is a small web server and it needs a free TCP port to listen on. The default port for MCX is 8192 but there is a possibility that another application is already using this port. To get around this error you will need to change the default port number to one that is not being used.
  • Stop MCX if it is running
  • Edit webserver.prop located inside the mediacenterx_jar folder on your desktop using a text editor.
  • Change the 8192 to 8196
  • Save webserver.prop
  • Run MCX --> java -jar MediaCenter.jar
If you still get this error try different port numbers, examples: 8250, 8257, etc. Anything above > 1024!

Unfortunately at the moment MCX requires OS X 1.4 or newer and the Java 1.5 runtime environment. We hope to release a version in the future that supports older version of OS X / Java.

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