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Opening the Wii


There are plenty of reasons to take apart a wii, whatever your case may be here's a guide to doing it.


  • A Nintendo Wii ( of course )
  • A Tri-wing screwdriver Size 3 (please save us all the trouble and don't try and use a flathead)
    • This NEEDS to have a long shaft. There is a part of the wii that has recessed screws.
  • A mini Phillips screwdriver
  • A small plate or container ( to hold the screws in )
  • A couple pieces of tape ( use the tape to keep track of what screws belong to part of the wii)
  • Soft Working surface ( the wii scratches very easily )
  • A razor blade and a pair of tweezers will help remove items

Step 1. Removing the Battery

  • Position the Wii like the picture below and you will see a single screw
  • Remove it and pull the battery tray out
disassemblin the wii imagedisassemblin the wii image

Step 2. Removing 5 screws /w plastic covers

  • When the battery was removed it revealed 1 screw. There are four more hidden underneath plastic stickers and rubber feet. Refer to the picture for their locations
  • Peel up the plastic stickers with a razor and pull it away with a tweezers. (place the stickers neatly away from your working area if you plan on putting them back on. )
  • Remove the screws ( fix the 5 screws to a single piece of scotch tape and put it in your container. )
  • For reference the black screw is the one on the top left, the two longer screws are located on the bottom and the shorter ones on the top.
  • This is important to remember because you don't want to put the screws in the wrong holes when reassembling the unit.
disassemblin the wii image

Step 3. Removing Rubber Feet and removing screws

  • Position the wii like in the picture. ( use the notch as a guide )
  • There are 2 rubber feet on top and 2 plastic stickers on the bottom that you need to remove. ( do not remove the rubber feet on the bottom. Not necessary )
  • Remove the screws and fix them to a second piece of tape.
  • Take note that the two black screws go into the faceplate/bottom and the two silver ones go into the top/recessed holes.
disassemblin the wii image

Step 4. Removing GameCube port covers and screws

  • There is a section of the wii that houses the ports for the Gamecube accessories. The 2 covers to this section will flip open and easily detach. If you look there's a sticker on the inside depicting how to remove the covers. They snap off with light pressure. Remove them now.
  • Now remove the 3 black screws here and attach them to a 3rd piece of tape. Notice that the screw closest the front/face of the wii is the longest of the 3 screws.
disassemblin the wii image

Step 5. Removing the face and detaching the cable

  • Now position the wii with the face upwards with the dvd tray on the bottom.
  • Flip the wii face upwards and away from you SLOWLY and look for the connection marked in the picture.
  • Use a flathead of tweezers to pull the WHITE connector out of the socket.
  • Set aside the face plate in a safe location.
disassemblin the wii image

Step 6. Removing the GameCube black cover and screws

  • The black covering you saw earlier should lift out easily now. (Although it only goes one way)
  • Remove the 4 screws and attach them to a 4th piece of tape and set them aside.
  • If the position of the wii is like in the picture then the top screws are tri-wing and the bottoms screws are Phillips.
disassemblin the wii image

Step 7. Opening the Wii up and removing 4 screws

  • Position the wii with the notch on the bottom right.
  • Lift the right side of the wii up and the cover should detach
  • Flip the cover over to the left
  • The heat sink may or may not come with the cover ( if not just remove it )
  • Remove the 4 screws marked in the picture. Fix them to a 5th piece of tape. (although these screws are much different than the rest you've encountered.)
disassemblin the wii image

Step 8. Disassembling DVDROM drive

  • Be extremely careful with this step. Slowly flip the top portion of the drive like in the picture. Notice how short those wires are?
  • Remove the White connection first. It's similar to the one earlier on the face of the wii
  • Now the thicker cable is removed by flipping the brown plastic tab upwards
    • The cable will just slide out now
disassemblin the wii image

Step 9. Do what you need to do!

  • You're all done! Enjoy!
  • The marked area is an ideal spot for a modchip
o Not that we condone the use of modchips for illegal activities or anything. disassemblin the wii image

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