How to use uLaunchELF
A User Guide for the Noobie

Here is an example of viewing the MC in slot1. I've chosen to display the BOOT folder's contents for this example.
 I will also cover the basics on copying and pasting files. You can consult the Wiki or the forums if you wish to know more details on using the submenus and other management options.

mc0 device screen:

You can select an ELF file you wish to run and simply press the O button while it is selected and it will be launched.

To copy a file or folder you first need to "mark" it by pressing the X button . A small hole will appear in the colored icon next to the file/folder as the mark.
Next press R1 button to open the submenu and "copy" is selected by default, so press the O button to copy the file.

Next you will see a new green icon in the upper right of the content area and at the top you see Copied to Clipboard.
Press the triangle button to go up a level into the FileBrowser screen and select the device you want to paste the file into.

For the  example, I selected the BOOT folder on my USB device (mass) as the location. And once inside the folder press R1 again to open the submenu and paste is now selected by default, so just press the O button to paste the file into the folder.

Copying/pasting game save files you will want to use the psuPaste instead of the normal Paste or the older mcPaste when pasting from MC to another type device or vise-versa.

Further information can be found  in the uLE Wiki or at the Official uLaunchELF forums.
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